SnuggleMuffin cake stall at the crafter's roadshow in Buchanan Galleries

Cake Stall at The Crafter’s Roadshow

We’ve been busy bees at SnuggleMuffin the past few weeks as we’ve taken part in a couple of events with The Crafter’s Roadshow. Between Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow city centre and EK in East Kilbride, we’ve been painting the town Red Velvet!

red velvet cupcakes in black cases with cream cheese frosting

With us being cooped up in our beautiful new commercial kitchen lately, it was lovely to get out and about and see some of your beautiful faces enjoy our cakes! We got some wonderful comments, some sworn loyal customers and some fantastic feedback on a few new products we launched including our new Cakelets and Homemade Marshmallow.

However, although there was a lot of love for our new products, nothing was able to outshine our two classic non cupcake best sellers – our gooey chocolate brownies and our salted caramel and chocolate tarts!

I did feel a little guilty though, as I was having fun swanning about and meeting all you lovely people, Lewis and the team were working overtime in the kitchen to try and keep up with your insatiable demand for our cupcakes!

There were some really amazing crafters and makers also exhibiting at the roadshow. My personal favourite was Little Freckles, an absolutely inspirational mum of two (and a complete babe!) who makes the most incredible smelling candles in really imaginative scents such as ‘Bedtime Baby’, ‘Strawberry Daiquiri’ and ‘Hipster’s Beard’. I had to try so hard not to buy out all her stock!

But ultimately a good time was had all round. We just love filling your faces full of yummy cake! Thank you to everyone who came to see us in EK and in Buchanan Galleries. We have some very exciting news coming soon so watch this space!

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