easter cake with bunny butts and fondant roses

Easter Cake

Easter Cake. It’s the time of year again, we’re perking up our ears and fluffing up our tails. Just two more days until the Easter Bunny hops round your doors with easter eggs and SnuggleMuffin treats!

Who wouldn’t love a holiday that involves bunnies and a tonne of chocolate?

We’ve been having fun at SnuggleMuffin HQ experimenting with spring colours, sugar flowers and lots and lots of rabbits, as well as some really tasty new recipes – cinnamon swirl muffin anyone?

easter bakingcinnamon swirl muffins

Easter Egg Hunts

Easter always makes me feel like a big kid, and it’s not just because I always just about overdose on chocolate. It’s because every single year, no matter how old we are, we always have a family easter egg hunt and my sister and I get super competitive over who can find the most eggs! The difference between the two of us is that she will still have half of her eggs until the following easter, whereas mine will be gone by the end of the day.

Spring Fling Bake Off

The best part of coming into spring though is that I was asked by the Strathbungo Society to judge this year’s Spring Fling Bake Off… an offer nobody could refuse!
I couldn’t believe the high quality of cakes and bakes that people had brought in from the local community, it was no easy feat to choose the winners.

judging the bake off

But myself and fellow judge, Chris from Christopher Robin persevered – it’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it…

How cute are these tiny bunny cookies with pink glitter ears?!

Easter Cake

Meanwhile at SnuggleMuffin HQ, we have new SnuggleMuffins that have joined the team! They’ve been busy baking up a storm in preparation for the big day. Two of our new girls, Steph and Louise worked together to make this gorgeous three tier Easter Cake with fondant easter eggs with royal icing details, piped flowers and fondant bunnies and roses! We’re all super chuffed with how it turned out.

three tier easter cake

Steph piping the royal icing details on the easter eggs.. the concentration levels in the room were intense.

royal icing easter egg cookies

Louise made these gorgeous fondant roses and cute little bunny butts, how adorable are those tails?

The easter cake turned out beautifully and it was a great first project for the girl’s introduction to SnuggleMuffin – I can’t wait to see what other awesome designs they will come up with!

easter cakes

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