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5 Reasons Our Cakes are Guilt Free

Everyone is always talking about finding ‘ guilt free ’ treats and snacks. I just want to start by saying that I strongly disagree with that phrase. The idea that eating something delicious is an act you should feel guilty about fundamentally goes against what I believe in! Dessert is about indulging, treating yourself, giving yourself a few moments of pleasure. It shouldn’t be attached to feeling like you have done something wrong, punishing yourself for every calorie – life is too short!

That being said, I do agree with using the term ‘guilt free’ to describe the quality, integrity and fairness of a cake, and I’m going to give you five reasons why SnuggleMuffin cakes should be enjoyed ‘ guilt free ‘. More than that, every time you eat a SnuggleMuffin cake you should give yourself a pat on the back for choosing cakes with a conscience.

Fresh & Natural

It’s important to us that our customers are getting the real deal. It’s shocking how many of the cakes and desserts served up in our country are either bought in frozen or made using pre-prepared cake mixes. Our promise is to always use only the ingredients you might find in your own kitchen cupboard, no nasty chemicals or preservatives, and our cakes will never see the inside of a freezer. So you know exactly what you are putting in your body, and you know it has been freshly handmade, with love.

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Ethical Ingredients

Not only are our ingredients all fresh and natural, but they are all ethically sourced, and from local suppliers wherever possible. We only use free range eggs and our chocolate and coffee beans are all ethically sourced, so you can know that each bite or sip is going towards paying a fair living for the growers.

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Giving Back

Hard to believe, but we do sometimes have leftover cake at the end of the day! When this happens we make sure it doesn’t go to waste. Our slogan is ‘Everybody Needs Cake’ and we stand by it, our extra cakes are donated to local food banks.

We also work closely with a number of charities, including one which is very close to our hearts, the Joan MacGregor Matrimonial Fund, an absolutely wonderful organisation who help terminally ill couples to put together and fund their weddings.

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Baked with Love

One glance at our Youtube channel and you will see we are not your typical bakery. Each and every single one of our SnuggleMuffins are absolutely passionate about what they do, and it shows in their creations. Our cakes are also all handmade in small batches, ensuring the best possible quality and attention to detail. The team is the lifeblood of the company and it’s their commitment that keeps us going and allows us to keep bringing you wonderful goodies to enjoy. We are a National Living Wage Organisation and we strong believers in hiring attitude over skill, we will gladly fully train someone who has little experience but an abundance of enthusiasm and the SnuggleMuffin spirit.

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Green Keen

Did you know that most of our packaging is fully compostable? We’re big on our recycling, but these days that alone is not enough! Check the bottom of our coffee cups and bags to see the ‘100% biodegradable’ label.
Any food waste that is not suitable for the food banks is collected for composting.
Our commitment to getting our ingredients locally not only ensures the freshest, highest quality ingredients, but it also cuts down on any long distance deliveries to be made – every little helps with a carbon footprint!

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Cake with a Conscience

So there you go, stop beating yourself up about what you’ve been eating and feel good for knowing that every SnuggleMuffin you buy does some good. From those who grow the ingredients, to those preparing the cakes, to the wonderful charities we work with.

If you had a SnuggleMuffin today, good good on you!

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