loaded pink buttercream cake with chocolate layers, chocolate ganache drip and decorations

Pink Chocolate Drip Cake – Video

If I were a cake, I would probably be this one.

I’ve been wanting to make this cake for ages but just never found an excuse to make it.
Then I realised, eating it was excuse enough. So here it is!

How to do it:

I started off making a batch of chocolate cake and a batch of vanilla cake, dyed pink and separated into two cake tins each to make four 8 inch cakes in total. I piled these up with pink buttercream frosting, crumb coated and then smooth iced it.

Time for the ganache! I made a milk chocolate ganache and let it cool for a while before pouring onto the cake – my favourite bit!

Then honestly I just threw whatever I could find on top of the cake. I made some chocolate decorations out of melted dark chocolate and a chocolate transfer sheet. Dipped some marshmallows in chocolate and sprinkles and then attacked the cake with a shed load of sprinkles and glitter, et voila!

chocolate drip on pink buttercream cake

Why you should do it:

This is so easy to do but just looks so tempting. I’m absolutely loving the drip cake trend and hope it never ever goes away. And even if it does I’ll just keep doing it, because who wouldn’t want melty chocolate ganache running down their dessert?!

The best part is that it’s honestly really hard to mess this cake up or make it look bad, just throw a random assortment of sweets, chocolates, sprinkles or whatever you can find on top in a random arrangement and it looks great!

Chocolate transfer sheets

The chocolate transfer sheets are a really nice touch as well, they can transform anything into a really professional looking cake or dessert and are so simple to use. They are like a stick on tattoo but for chocolate, just melt the chocolate down, spread it on the sheet and peel it off when it’s set (you can see me do it in the video below). They come in a zillion different designs too so you’re bound to find something to suit your project. We order ours from The Cake Decorating Co and you can find the exact transfer sheet we used for this cake here.

chocolate decorations and sprinkles and glitter on top of a loaded pink chocolate drip cake

See how I made this pink chocolate drip cake in this video:

So I hope you like my Pink Chocolate Drip Cake. And if you don’t, you’re crazy and I don’t want to share my cake with you anyway!

Happy baking! x

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