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The Snuggle is Real! – Cosy for Christmas

As a person who owns a business called ‘SnuggleMuffin’ you may be able to guess that I like to be cosy at all times. Luckily for me, this time of year allows for so many extra cosy luxuries – these are just some of the things that make me feel super snuggly this time of year and get me feeling cosy for Christmas!

Fluffy socks

This one goes without saying. Fluffy socks are just the epitome of snuggliness. At this time of year I find a way to incorporate them into almost every outfit. At home I like wearing almost summery clothing, short skirts/dresses etc but mixed with big fluffy socks and oversized jumpers. Or out and about I’ll wear them over my tights and under my boots for toasty tootsies all day long.

Mugs & Festive Drinks

With festive drinks you can feel snuggly on the inside too! And nothing is better than drinking out of a big christmassy mug.

Some favourites are Chai Lattes and Hot Chocolate. You can buy our hot chocolate gift kit, or try out our hot spiced apple recipe!

christmas drinks at prague christmas market

Fairy Lights

Admittedly I keep my fairy lights up all year round just because of the sheer joy they bring me (yes, I’m easy to please). But still, Christmas wouldn’t be as snuggly without them so they had to go on the list! I have a small string of them framing my living room window, right next to the couch and I use them in the evenings instead of a lamp. They’re just the right amount of glow for me and make me feel happy and relaxed.

Christmas Stockings

I never feel more Christmassy than lazy Sundays in my flat with these Christmas stockings on. Stockings aren’t usually considered comfortable but these ones really are! They’re soft and not too tight on your legs. (Even on my thunder thighs!) And, hello, they’re as Christmassy as you can get! I don’t know why I love them so much, maybe it’s the fact that I can feel cosy and pretty at the same time, or maybe it’s just the fact that they make me feel like a genuine Christmas elf! In any case, these were one of the first things that came to mind when making my list! You can get these right now in ASDA for only £3! They come in red and green and red and white and both have cute little ribbons that you can tie into a bow.
Try them, I promise you these will have you feeling so Christmassy that even the biggest Cotton Headed Ninnymuggins on the planet couldn’t bring you down!

red and green stripy stockings with red ribbon

Hats & Scarves

I love getting all bundled up in my hat, scarf and gloves, knowing that I’ll be extra toasty despite the nippy cold air. Although now I refuse to wear anything other than this same hat and scarf set, last Christmas I was working a twelve hour day at the Glasgow Christmas Market and to my horror, when I got there I realised I had forgotten to bring a hat or scarf and it was absolutely bloody freezing! I put up on facebook a post about how cold it was and how stupid I’d been, and within the hour my wonderful boyfriend was there with a new set of cosy hat, scarf and gloves – along with a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream! I was so unbelievably grateful for him rescuing me from the cold, and now I smile every time I put on that scarf!

white hat and scarf for christmas time


Having candles burning in my flat makes me feel like a grown ass woman who has my shit together. My mum always used to burn candles, so i guess it makes me feel like an adult. So my ultimate zen is being home alone with a tidy flat, all the lights off apart from my fairy lights and candles everywhere.
But apart from that, they just add a real ambiance to any room and what’s more Christmassy than a naked flame spreading the smell of cloves through your home?

Super Soft Blankets

I have to be honest, I have a mild obsession with blankets and cushions, I have to actively avoid the cushion aisle in supermarkets to stop myself from blowing all my food money on more soft things to make me feel cosy. But at this time of year I can let my obsession run wild and nobody seems to notice, it’s the perfect excuse!

Jasper is also very fond of blankets.

Christmas Cat

Jasper loves Christmas.
And by that I mean he has no choice in the matter and does not possess the ability to tell me otherwise. So I choose to believe he does. There is nothing more snuggly than my big white fluffer so I couldn’t make this list without mentioning him. Look how handsome he is in his Christmas best!
He’s clearly loving it…

fluffy white cat in santa hat and red bowtie

What’s Your Snuggle Secret?

So that’s my super snuggly list! I feel warmer and fuzzier just writing this post! What makes you feel snuggly and what do you love most about this time of year?
Let me know!

Happy Snuggling!

Jules x

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